Eiffel Freshpack Pro L/N Vacuum Food Sealer Machine - 2 Year Warranty

The Freshpack Pro L/N benefits over the original Freshpack Pro include heat sealer element protection and silent operation. Very strong pump and robust build quality. With a 2 Year Warranty. 

The Eiffel Freshpack Pro L/N vacuum sealer is a great choice for you, why?

Built to last - Don't buy cheap and buy twice, this a robust, heavier than you expect vacuum sealer.

Two year warranty included - Plus spares available outside the warranty if needed - Other machines are throw away sealed units.

Heating element protection - Forces heating element to cool for 10 seconds, protecting vacuum sealer long-term

L/N version = Silent operation - The vacuum pump is encased in special sound deadening case - Other vacuum sealers are very noisy

Powerful - 0.8 bar vacuum pump, very quick to vacuum the bag nice and tight

Vacuum Bag Starter Kit included - 10 pack of 25cm x 35cm embossed vacuum sealer bags to get you started.

We have a full range of spare embossed vacuum sealer bags and rolls that are compatible with the Eiffel Freshpack Pro, we have supplied spare bags & rolls for over 15 years! 



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