Fresherpack Clear Front Foil 16cm x 23cm Silver Zip Lock Mylar Foil Standup Pouches - Hold up to 1000g (1kg)


Fresherpack premium quality 5.1mil thick version. 16cm x 23cm standup mylar foil pouches with clear front, complete with zip lock and tear notch. Great for displaying food stuff products, sweets, powders, herbs, sauces, non-food items e.g. nuts or bolts etc.

Premium quality 5.1mil thick version. You will not find better quality. . . anywhere!

  • Perfect for displaying powder or tablet products, herbs, spices or sweets etc.

  • 16m x 23cm stand up pouch with tear notch included - Easy to display

  • Silver on the back, clear on the front- Great visual for your product

  • Can be heat sealed and / or zip locked - Great for convenience

  • 5.1mil thick (130um) - Premium quality thickness bags, with high quality finish

  • Foodgrade inner - Safe for food storage

  • Top feeding bags - Easy to fill

The internal dimensions are 20cm (max) from zip lock to bottom of the bag, width is 14.5cm excluding the welded seams. The gusset is 5cm + 5cm, total 10cm which is standard for a standup bag of this type.