CALI Smell & Light Proof Smoking Stash Case with lock Black

CALI Premium Smell Proof Case / Bag - Secure Lockable Odour Proof Carbon Lined - Black

  • ZERO SMELL BAG - Unique 5 layer including foil layer, foam layer & carbon layer along with zip cover ensures 100% smell proof  and light proof

  • DISCREET STORAGE FOR YOUR SMELLY STASH - Black colour does not draw great attention to your bag, but looks really cool.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Only the finest quality materials are used to construct the bag, including quality YKK branded smell proof zip

  • SAFE & SECURE - Lockable case, ensures your stash cannot be discovered easily. No key is needed just the 3-digit code 000 . Instructions are included on how to change the code but if you need extra help to change the code, search youtube 'changing code on smell proof case'.

    The CALI Smell Proof case is ideal for storing all your smoking accessories, stash or similar, safely in a secure in a lockable case. With its unique multi- layered construction the CALI smell proof bag is of constructed of only premium quality materials including carbon layer to filter out any smell then a foil layer as a backup to stop any smell. With removable dividers inside you can customise how you want your bag to function. Dimensions External 21cm x 12cm x 9cm