Eiffel Freshpack Pro Vacuum Sealer Silent & Strong - 2 Year Warranty

The Eiffel Freshpack Pro L/N (low noise) vacuum sealer keeps your food fresher for longer.

Saving you money with less food waste as you can preserve food for longer and you'll enjoy tastier food as it keeps it fresher for longer.

Its near silent strong pump removes air out of your vacuum bags as its pump is encased in a sound deadening material, allowing you to use at any time of day and not disturb your pets, family or friends without disturbing them.

SousVide food cooking compatible and includes a free set of vacuum sealer bags to get you started.

Built to last - A vacuum sealer with many happy customers, check out the reviews at the end of this page

Heating element protection - Forces the heat seal to cool for 5 seconds, stops your vacuum sealer casing from melting

Very quiet operation - The vacuum pump is enclosed in a sound deadening case, other vacuum sealers could be very noisy

Removable liquid/dust safety chamber - Traps any liquid or dust that enters the vacuum sealer before damaging the pump

Powerful Pump-0.8 bar vacuum pump, vacuum seals fast

Two year warranty included - We stand by the quality build of this vacuum sealer and carry consumable spares

Vacuum Bag Starter Kit included - Includes a 10 pack of 25cm x 35cm embossed vacuum sealer bags

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Technical information:

  • Dimensions of unit: 34.5cm X 15cm X 7.5cm
  • Vacuum Max: -0.80bar
  • Power consumption: 130W

How do I operate the unit?

It's really ease to use. Place the bag in the sealer, close the lid. Press the start button, the machine then sucks the air out of the bag and seals it. To remove the bag press the vacuum release button.