The Jolly Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer - 33cm Seal Width - Made in Italy

'The Jolly Steel' Vacuum Sealer has a premium quality stainless steel construction with an impressive 33cm seal width, plus oversized heat seal for a secure seal and very stong vacuum pump. Made in Italy!

Designed for use in the professional kitchen, cafes, deli's or farm shops as it’s easy to clean and is robust.

The stainless steel construction allows consecutive seals with no problems of overheating the machine as conduction of the metal allows the stored heat in the heating element to quickly move away, ready for the next seal straight away, unlike the plastic casing of lower cost machines where the case usually start melting causing problems to early failing heating elements and bags sealing together early before the vacuum seal process is finished, long term The Jolly Steel saves you time and money.

We have a full range of spare embossed vacuum sealer bags and rolls that are compatible with the Jolly Steel.

We recommend using the Jolly Steel with vacuum sealer bags only. Although the machine can still work with vacuum sealer rolls, to seal a cut end roll the vacuum pump has to come on to also make the seal which takes extra time, which may not be as convenient for you.

Are you wanting to vacuum and / or seal foil bags? This machine is not suitable, please select our handheld crimper and if needed use our oxygen absorbers instead, the reason is because the foil bags are smooth and this machine needs embossed bags to draw the air out.

The Jolly Steel vacuum sealer, produced by Tecla Italy, is a powerful vacuum sealing machine and is suited to use to high volume vacuum sealing for example hotels, pubs, cafes, deli's & small farmshops or similar.

Great for SousVide style cooking or just to preserve food shelf life and freshness. You can also vacuum sealer non-food items, e.g. car parts, photos, documents, coins, printer inks, the list is endless.

A further benefit is there is no rest time needed between seals unlike cheaper models which when you read the manual will demand a 1 to 2 minute rest time between seals to stop it overheating, or on some models even have a safety cutout for 5 minutes, if you ignore this.

This vacuum sealer is extremely reliable and easy to use with no maintainence needed. The control panel is electromechanical and the pump is self-lubricating, so doesn't need oil level adjustment, filter replacement or other maintenance.

Very simple machine to operate, the turn dial, adjusts the heat seal length of time. There are just two buttons, one to switch the pump on and one to start the heat seal.

How to use:

  • Lift the lid (no catches to unclip), place the opening of the bag 2 to 3cm behind the heating element.
  • Press the vacuum pump start button, lower the lid, holding it down for a few seconds until the vacuum holds.
  • When the desired amount of air has been removed from your bag press the heat seal button.
  • The length of the heat seal is determined by the turn dial, which can be adjusted as you go.
  • The vacuum pump will then automatically stop and the lid will then automatically release, allowing you to vacuum your next bag.
  • Very easy machine to use and with no catches to lock and unlock, very quick to use.

Tecla Jolly Steel is equipped with an analogic vacuum gauge with hand that's more precise than a digital or LED one (which is mounted on low-end machines) and with heating time control (that allows to use different thicknesses of bag).

It can take any embossed vacuum bag with width 33cm or less, most of our vacuum bags and rolls will fit the Jolly Steel, we have a very large range of sizes plus bulk discount value packs available.

If you need to vacuum seal liquids, please use our vacuum canisters! It is OK to vacuum seal meat & fish (gutted and cold).

Why not have a look at our embossed vacuum bags, that will work with this machine we have a large range always in stock.






Jolly Steel


1 Year

Power supply

230 Volt - 50/60 Hz *


Stainless steel


400 W


7 Kg

Heat Seal

330 mm


360 x 300 x 140 mm

Vacuum pump

Flow 15 L/min