Fresherpack 10x Heavy Duty 50cm x 75cm Foil Bags 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers Combo Bundle Pack

Our special heavy duty Fresherpack 10 Preppers Pack 50cm x 75cm Foil Bags and 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers X Large Combo Bundle. An easy long term food storage solution, brought to you by the leading name in long term food storage Fresherpack.

    • UV light & Oxygen Barrier

    • Quality Bags, nice and thick 130um each side of the bag total 260um!

    • Pack of 10 bags

    • Extra thick special design 4 layer bag to ensure the bags do not split
    • Comes with 10x 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers

    •  5 gallon size - 20" x 30"- 50cm x 75cm

    • Long term food storage solution preppers bundle

    • Included Oxygen Absorber pack includes oxyeye indicator

The combination of foil bags and oxygen absorbers, creates the best long term protection system for your food or equipment. Fresherpack kits contain bags and oxygen absorbers with storing capacity up to 20kg for grains, rice, spices, and more. These combo kits are ideal for protection against oxygen, moisture, light and temperature.

How to use Fresherpack's OxyFree oxygen absorbers:

Cut open the master vacuum bag that holds the oxygen absorbers; note: they are not individually packaged inside.

1. Take out the oxygen absorbers that you would like to use within the next 10 minutes or so.

2. Vacuum sealing the remainder in a vacuum sealer bag or heat seal in a mylar foil bag for another time.

3.You then have 10 minutes to work with the exposed oxygen absorbers, placing them inside a mylar bag, along with the product you are wanting to store, then heat sealing the mylar foil bag.

Note: It makes no difference if the oxygen absorber is at the top or bottom of the bag, it will work the same.