Fresherpack 23cm x 33cm Large Silver Zip Lock Mylar Foil Standup Pouches - Holds up to 2kg


Fresherpack standup mylar foil pouches in silver, complete with zip lock and tear notch. 23cm x 33cm holds 2kg of powder or 2000ml of liquid. Can be used for health supplements, protein powders, herbs/spices or other food storage.

Fresherpack standup pouches are suitable for both wet and dry products which demand high barrier property packaging, extra thick 130um material. Made from a combination of food grade materials to offer maximum protection against moisture, air and light.

Our pouches are supplied with an extra strong grip closure (zip lock) which can be opened and closed many hundreds of times. The self supporting round bottom gusset ensures that the pouches can stand freely on retail shelving.

Our standup pouches are ideally suited for food wet or dry, pharmaceutical products, biological samples, or for grow in the bag compost and seed products.

All our premium standup zip lock foil bags are:

  • Light Proof - Due to the real layer of aluminium and not the cheaper sprayed on metal colour version (metallised) which shows pinholes easily

  • Smell Proof - Once sealed smells cannot escape, this is due to extra thickness of our premium bags

  • Moisture Proof - Once sealed mositure from the air or even ground cannot enter as air tight seal is made, due to premium quality of the bag

  • Boil in the Bag / Freezer Proof - Suitable for boil in the bag, due to special glue used,  for up to 30 minutes and down to - 60 degrees celsius

  • Foodgrade and BPA free - Safe for food contact

Main benefits:

  • Perfect to store protein powder, biltong, herbs or spices etc - Holds up to 2kg or 2000ml of product

  • 23cm X 33cm standup pouch with strong zip lock & tear notch included - Easy to display on shelving

  • Black on the outside, silver on the inside - Keeps things fresh

  • Can be heat sealed and / or zip locked - Great for convenience

  • Quality 5.1mil thick - Hard to puncture, light can't enter, no smell escapes bag

  • Foodgrade inner - Safe for food storage

The internal dimensions are 29.5cm (max) from zip lock to bottom of the bag, width is 21.5cm excluding the welded seams. The gusset is 6cm + 6cm, total 12cm which is good width for a standup bag of this type.