Fresherpack Black Mylar Foil Zip Lock Bags - 12cm x 20cm - 5 inch x 8 inch


Premium quality black Fresherpack Mylar Foil Zip Lock Bags 12cm x 20cm, you can just zip lock and / or heat seal to secure your items, 130um thick, real quality; the zip lock and bag combine to produce a smellproof bag. With tear notch for easy opening. Use to store food, herbs or vaping supplies etc. Very strong zip lock.

  • Can be heat sealed and / or zip locked - Great for convenience

  • Smell proof & light proof - 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

  • Sandwiched real layer of 100% aluminium included - Other sellers are a metallised type bag (sprayed on silver colour) which makes pinprick holes in it very easily. Not ours!

  • Quality 5.1mil thick - Hard to puncture, light can't enter, no smell escapes bag

  • Foodgrade inner - Safe for food storage

  • Top feed bags - Easy to fill you can just use zip lock to close or for extra security heat seal above the zip lock

  • Perfect to store herbs, seeds, incense, coins or other small items, holds 1g cali

  • External size (12cm X 20cm) plus tear notch & zip lock

  • Black colour - The black colour has an expensive look and silver inside colour for extra freshness.

The internal fillable size is 10.5cm x 16cm (below zip lock and not including the sealed edges)