CALI Large Herb Grinder (Black)

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CALI Large Herb Grinder (Black)
  • The Perfect Large Stash Grinder: Large 75mm (7.5cm diameter) size with 3 layers to allow your tobacco, herbs or spices to be ground easily and in volume.

  • Mesh Screen: The quality metal mesh screen allows for finer particles of the grind to be collected expertly.

  • Magnetic Lid: A premium feel for your grinder, the lid attaches magnetically.

  • Premium Teeth: The highest grade metal 2 layers of teeth to grind to perfection.

  • Design: Large size 7.5cm x 3cm (75mm x 30mm) weight 230g in robust zinc alloy metal, which has benefits over aluminium style where shards of aluminium can easily end up within your grind as aluminium is a much softer metal.

  • NO RISK 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - With a huge range of smell proof products and hundreds of happy customers, CALI is a trusted brand in this sector, we back this up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.