Fresherpack Mylar Foil Bags 35cm x 50cm - 14 x 20 inch - hold up to 5kg



Fresherpack premium quality mylar foil bags offer a long term food storage solution for up to 20 years plus. Very strong and tough 5.1 mil thick (130um) with tear notch, quality product. Offering protection from sunlight, moisture and oxygen. Fresherpack foil bags have a real layer of aluminium foil sandwiched between special plastic, this allows them to be easily heat sealed.

Our foil bags are a fantastic product for long term food storage of rice, pulses, dried beans, flour, sugar, seeds and hops or for your precious items, for example photos, vinyl albums, comics, clothes, the list is endless. The size of this bag is 35cm wide by 50cm. The foil bag opens on the shorter side, with a tear notch on the longer side for easy opening of the bag once sealed, by hand.

Our premium foil bags are:

  • Thicker than you'd expect- Each side of our bags are 5.1mil (or 130um) thick with two sides to each bag the total thickness is an impressive 10.2mil (or 260um)

  • Light Proof - Due to the real layer of aluminium and not the cheaper sprayed on metal colour version (metallised) which shows pinholes easily

  • Smell Proof - Once sealed smells cannot escape, this is due to extra thickness of our premium bags

  • Moisture Proof - Once sealed moisture from the air or even ground cannot enter as air tight seal is made, due to premium quality of the bag

  • Boil in the Bag / Freezer Proof - Suitable for boil in the bag, due to special glue used,  for up to 30 minutes and down to - 60 degrees Celsius

  • Food-grade and BPA free - Safe for food contact

To seal these bags use a household clothes iron on the high setting, with no steam, hair crimper, or use one of our constant heat sealers or our unique vacuum sealer for a professional finish.

A quality product made in the USA and are 5.1 mil thick, most are around the 3.5 mil mark many other suppliers don't mention the thickness of the foil bag for this very reason. This extra thickness is important as this offers extra protection from the UV (ultra-violet) in sunlight and also from oxygen penetration for the air around, plus are very hard to puncture accidentally. These foil bags are multilayered and have a food safe inner.

Foil bags are usually used with oxygen absorbers, please see the related items below. These remove the oxygen from inside the bag, preserving the shelf life of the food stuffs above for many years, usually up to 10 years. For camping or hiking trips or similar, oxygen absorbers are not really needed.

The oxygen absorbers we sell work with this bag size but you will need one 2000cc oxygen absorber in each 35cm x50cm bag.