Fresherpack OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers - 2000cc


2000cc oxygen absorbers are the biggest capacity available and are designed to work with our 50cm x 75cm (5 gallon) large foil bags. Just use one of these for each bag. They can also be used in other applications. 

Packed in 10pcs per factory vacuum sealed bag (and multiples of 10 for larger quantities) the OxyFree brand 2000cc oxygen absorbers include OxyEye inside each pack to ensure freshness, OxyFree is a USA brand and the leading oxygen absorber brand worldwide.

How to use Fresherpack's OxyFree oxygen absorbers:

Cut open the master vacuum bag that holds the oxygen absorbers; note: they are not individually packaged inside.

1. Take out the oxygen absorbers that you would like to use within the next 10 minutes or so.

2. Vacuum sealing the remainder in a vacuum sealer bag or heat seal in a mylar foil bag for another time.

3.You then have 10 minutes to work with the exposed oxygen absorbers, placing them inside a mylar bag, along with the product you are wanting to store, then heat sealing the mylar foil bag.

Note: It makes no difference if the oxygen absorber is at the top or bottom of the bag, it will work the same.

Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from the air, when one of these 2000cc oxygen absorbers is placed inside one of our foil bags and sealed, the oxygen within the bag is removed. The capacity of oxygen removal of these oxygen absorbers matches our largest 50cm x 75cm foil bags we sell, one in each bag. Or use in a bag up to this size or in other similar application.

This brand of oxygen absorbers are used in the M&S beef jerky packs, they are food grade & safe to be in contact with food and of a great quality. Each pack comes factory sealed in master vacuum bag with OxyEye included (see FAQ below) for your peace of mind, to ensure freshness.

Actual size of the 2000cc oxygen absorber is: 11.1cm x 7.3cm

After opening the pack and using what you need straight away, the remainder should be kept in a airtight mason jar, vacuum sealed or the bag they come in heat sealed. This allows you to store the remaining oxygen absorber sachets without having to worry about them being exposed to the oxygen in the air once you have opened the vacuum sealed pack.

Our oxygen absorbers are of the highest quality available, they are not the cheaper paper variety that are widely available, they are made of Tyvek type plastic which comprises of flash spun high density polyethylene fibres. This higher quality oxygen absorber offers much greater protection, for example if the product you are sealing has any fat content the plastic does not degrade and allow transfer through, unlike the paper encased equivalent. (Although it is not recommended using Foil bags with products that have high fat/moisture levels.)

Oxygen Absorbers remove oxygen from the foil bags to below 0.01%. They work by when exposed to air, the iron in the sachet quickly starts to absorb the oxygen and breaks it down into harmless iron-oxide which is safely contained in the packet and does not contaminate the food. Each of these 2000cc oxygen absorber is designed to treat 30kg void of product and are well over specified for their application.  It is normal for a partial vacuum to be created within 24 hours of the oxygen absorbers being sealed within the foil bag, as the 20% oxygen in the air inside the foil bag is removed.


Q. What is an OxyEye

A. An OxyEye is a colour changing sachet packed inside the master vacuum sealed bag along with the oxygen absorbers, the OxyEye is pink when the oxygen absorbers have not been exposed to air (oxygen) and are ready to use. The OxyEye turns blue/purple if the master vacuum sealed bag has been damaged and air (oxygen) has then already used up the oxygen absorbers capacity. So in summary the OxyEye is a good indicator of the oxygen absorbers freshness.

Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers:

    * Greatly prolongs product shelf life

    * Prevents growth of insects, harmful organisms, including molds &

      aerobic pathogens

     * Eliminates the need for additives such as sulphur dioxide or benzoates etc.

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