Replacement Heating Element for Freshpack Pro and LN

Replacement Heating Element for Eiffel Freshpack Pro and Freshpack Pro L/N Vacuum Sealer. 

The heating element on a vacuum sealer usually only fails after regular use over a long period of time, this is normal, the good news is that the heating element can be replaced on the Eiffel machine, many other brands of vacuum sealer out there will have to be disposed of, as no spares are available or the unit is 'sealed' rendering the unit unrepairable.

Easy to fit; unplug vacuum sealer from mains supply, unscrew 5 screws on the underneath of the machine so the lower lid can be removed, unhook old element & peel off teflon strip, hook on the new element (ensure one end hooks straight on and the other has the small spring inbetween), screw base lid back on, turn machine over and restick teflon strip over heating element.